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Down the Deep, Dark Web

Down the Deep, Dark Web

Under the surface of Google Land where life is so comfortable there is a world known as the Deep or Dark Net. A virtual data space whose content will not be found by conventional search engines and that remains closed to ordinary users – unless they install dedicated software. Governments, banks or corporations use the Deep Net, as well as all those who wish to keep their online activities hidden. In Google Land we leave traces, in the Deep Net special encryption technology allows us to remain anonymous. Duki Dror’s and Tzachi Schiff’s comprehensive film about the Internet, privacy, surveillance and the vision of a completely new economic structure opens with its worst variation: as a market platform for drugs, child pornography and arms. Is this the reason why governments are fighting the Net? On the other hand it’s the only digital space that offers protection to critical journalists, opposition members in dictatorships or whistleblowers.

The film works its detailed and knowledgeable way through the current developments of our digital world without passing judgement. What’s at stake is individual freedom. The sceptical summary: people want just enough freedom to feel good. Google Land. Who cares if we expose ourselves to constant surveillance that way?

Matthias Heeder
Original Title: Down the Deep, Dark Web
Country: Israel, France
Year: 2016
Language: English, Hebrew
Subtitle: English
Runtime: 56 min.
Format: DCP
Color: Colour
Director: Tzachi Schiff, Duki Dror
Producer: Duki Dror, Alexandre Brachet, Liat Kamay-Eshed, Margaux Missika
Cinematographer: Philippe Bellaiche, Gleb Volkov
Editor: Dror Yaakobovich
Music: Frank Ilfman
Sound: Ronen Nagel
Script: Yuval Orr

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